Medical Students: The Wave of the Future

So you're in medical what?

For most people, being a physician is one of the "brass rings" of life. Many people drream of becoming a physician only to fnd their path somewhere else. Others make the scacrifices and land a coveted spot at a medical school. However, being a medical student isn't the last stop on this train, it's just another part of the journey to take you to your goals. Yes, it is long hours pouring over books and lecture material, attending various labs and community outreach during your didactic years, and intense face-to-face interactions with a wide variety of medical mayhem balancing rotation requirements and impressing the right peopl eduring your clinical rotation years.

However, the "future" looms, and finding the "best fit" for you can be more difficult than it seems.

Here at the ACN/ACONP, we want to encourage you to engage in the opportunities that have been established to compliment your osteopathic training. If you are interested in neurology or psychiatry as a fulfilling career, there are many options for you to consider.

Clinical Rotations: Probably the most valuable resource you have for what the practice is like is by working with or observing with a psychiatrist or neurologist. Your school should have a current listing of available physicians.

Research Rotations: See the science side of medicine in a different light by working with a research oriented physician. Match your interests with what researchers are conducting studies on now, to have the most meaingful experience.

Residency Rotations: If you want to gain insight into what residents do, a general rotation or a sub-interest (Sub-I) rotation is your best bet. Plan your visit to locations that ou may be interested in applying. (Click here for AOA approved residency sites.)