The American College of Neuropsychiatrists

(An Osteopathic Institution)

By Floyd E. Dunn, D.O., F.A.C.N., F.A.A.M.D.

The following seventeen Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons met the requirements and were made Charter Fellows of the American College of Neuropsychiatrists:

  • K.G. Bailey, Los Angeles, Cal.
  • J.L. Bolenbaugh, Los Angeles, Cal.
  • Marion Dick, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Randall J. Chapman, Los Angeles, Cal.
  • J.T. Fuller, Willow Grove, Pa.
  • Lynn V.H. Gerdine, Los Angeles Cal.
  • Grover N. Gillum, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Herman P. Hoyle, Macon, Mo.
  • Harold D. McClure, Kirksville, Mo.
  • Edward D. Merrill, Venice, Cal.
  • Thomas J. Meyers, Pasadena, Cal.
  • Samuel A. Reese, Los Angeles, Cal.
  • J. Francis Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • F.M. Still, Macon, Mo.
  • Richard H. Still, Macon, Mo.
  • Kenneth R.M. Thompson, Chicago, Ill.
  • Charlotte Weaver, Akron, Oh.

Almost immediately it was decided to establish a medium of communication among this small group and under the Editorship of “Tommy” Meyers, the Bulletin of the American College of Neuropsychiatrists was founded as a quarterly mimeographed publication. The first edition is reported to have consisted of two mimeographed pages. Unfortunately this author has been unable to locate any of these early issues: many things originally preserved in our Archives was lost in one of three cross-country moves of the “Central Office” of our American College of Neuropsychiatrists. The earliest issue in my possession is that of October 1946, the year that I was accepted into “Associate” membership (as it was then termed) along with seven other people who were then in graduate training programs, either Fellowships of Residencies. The others were Robert Cross, Donald Littlefield, Ralph McRae, Anthony Di Nolfo, Sherwood Nye, Charles Norton, Donald Pinder, and Robert Thomas. That year I was also appointed editor of the Bulletin.

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