dFACN Conclave

  • 1985: Cecil Harris, D.O., dFACN (dec.)
  • 1990: Ned Baron, D.O., dFACN (dec.)
  • 1992: Albert Honig, D.O., dFACN (dec.)
  • 1993: Wilbur Cole, D.O., dFACN (dec.)
  • 1993: Eugene DellaBadia, D.O., dFACN
  • 1994: Dale Schultz, D.O., dFACN
  • 1995: Louis Rentz, D.O., dFACN
  • 1996: Sheldon Wagman, D.O., dFACN
  • 1997: Michael Nigro, D.O., dFACN
  • 1998: William Ranieri, D.O., dFACN
  • 1999: Jimmie P. Leleszi, D.O., dFACN
  • 2000: Gerald Osborn, D.O., dFACN
  • 2001: Kenneth Root, D.O., dFACN
  • 2004: David A. Simpson, D.O., dFACN
  • 2005: Ronald Paolini, D.O., dFACN
  • 2006: P. Harold Finkel, D.O., dFACN
  • 2007: Robert Piccinini, D.O., dFACN
  • 2008: Kenneth Pugar, D.O., dFACN
  • 2009: Roberta Ball, D.O., dFACN
  • 2010: Howard Rossman, D.O., dFACN (dec.)
  • 2011: Stephen Scheinthal, D.O., dFACN
  • 2012: Robert Ward, D.O., dFACN
  • 2013: Andrew Lovy, D.O., dFACN
  • 2014: Anne M. Pawlak, D.O., dFACN
  • 2015: David A. Baron, D.O., dFACN
  • 2015: Jed G. Magen, D.O., dFACN
  • 2016: Timothy Schoonover, D.O., dFACN
  • 2016: Michael Valle, D.O., dFACN
  • 2017: Jerome C. Peters, D.O., dFACN
  • 2018: Bruce Silverman, D.O., dFACN
  • 2019: Timothy Kowalski, D.O., dFACN
  • 2020: David A Green, D.O., dFACN

ACN Distinguished Fellow

In 1985 the first Honored Fellow was bestowed to a Fellow of the American College of Neurposychiatrists to herald the exemplary accomplishments of Fellow members. This rare distinction is the highest order of recognition that the ACN confers.

The list is short, but distinct and widely accomplished.

Once nominated and voted by the Conclave of Fellow for the mark of Disinguished Fellow, the recipient is offered to provide the Honored Fellow Lecture at the Annual Convention. The topic of these lectures are as varied as the recipients themselves, but usually are the highlight of their career's work and a "must see" lecture every year for attendees.

Recipients of the Honored Fellow trade their Fellow designation crest, which is larger than the general member crest, for the Honored Fellow crest. The Honored Fellow crest, created by Robert G.G. Piccinini, D.O., FACN during his tenure as President of the ACN, is adorned with gold instead of the silver used in the other pins.

Honored Fellows bear the Distinguished Fellow credentials following their names, as designated: dFACN.