Psychiatry and Neurology Residents

Healthcare in the United States is a constantly evolving process that demands the highest levels of ethics, knowledge, and dedication. Physician residents are at the forefront of the medical education process, directly applying their newly acquired knowledge base toward the care of people from all walks of life and often during high stress situations.

The learning curve is sharp, but exhilarating.

Osteopathic residency programs have a history of being a distinct opportunity for training residents. They tend to be smaller and more intimate, allowing for better attending to resident interaction and more opportunities for hands on learning opportunities. Osteopathic residencies also have a history of a well-rounded educational process that includes a balanced approach in the clinical and hospital arenas.

Osteopathic residency programs extend the practices and principles that were initiated during osteopathic medical school training into the first physician years, with continued guidance by seasoned attending physicians. These are tools that give physicians additional options for diagnosis and treatment of patients for the rest of your career. Skills to take with you and use!

List of Current Osteopathic Residency Opportunities in Psychiatry and Neurology

Resident Opportunities

Both osteopathic trained psychiatry and neurology residents are encouraged to be members of the ACN during their training years and to take advantage of opportunities through the college such as:

  • Poster boar presentations at national conferences
  • Case presentations at national conferences
  • Attending conferences to experience post-graduate CME
  • Networking with colleagues for future reference or employment opportunities
  • Resident Representative on the Board of Governors for the ACN
  • Up-to-date information on the transition to the Unified GME, OCC and Board Certification process